About Us


 We are premier kitchen cabinetry showroom located on Route 9 in Shrewsbury, MA.  Featuring our high end Candlelight Cabinetry line MADE IN AMERICA. We are from Shrewsbury and for many years, we have  provided discerning customers with the very best in quality and design services. 



 We can furnish your kitchen with the CUSTOM Cabinetry Style made by Candlelight Cabinetry you want to fulfill the plan and outline for your new kitchen. We provide custom design services for our clients using CAD technology and 20-20 Design. 

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 Here at The Shrewsbury Design Center / Candlelight Cabinetry we can design your bathroom space to suit your individual needs. Whether you prefer a vanity cabinet with storage capability or a more discreet approach, we know how to get the most functionality out of the least amount of space. 

Built Ins


 We could custom build any area in your house including libraries, offices, entertainment areas, etc. We can also merge your and our ideas into one, and make one exceptional space in your home with the most reliable cabinetry. 



 When you decide to renovate your new kitchen, bath, Home or entire apartment with the Shrewsbury Design Center you will be teaming up with a trusted, well-qualified local business.

Designer / Fabricator


We have years of experience in both designing, fabricating and installing. We understand your investment. Call or visit us. Make an appointment today to meet with our cabinetry and renovation specialists. We look forward to assisting you.