High End Wrought Iron and Wood Furniture




The Shrewsbury Design Center is proud to announce our high end Wrought Iron and wood furniture line by Arte Fierro and Inside Out Iron Designs. (Both are the same company) Visit our click the links below to view our products while we continue to build this specific page.  Thank you......George Diaz Owner

       Arte Fierro

Inside Out Iron Designs   

Our Background


Our fathers father and his fathers were all artisans. The ability to design, hand forge and bring everything to life comes natural to us as it is in our DNA.

 Our fathers came from what they called the "old country" handing down to us a wealth of knowledge which we enjoy  and use today to create one of a kind pieces of art, and furniture.

Our Mediums

 We use many different mediums, such as wrought iron, different types of wood, ceramics, clay and hand applied finishes. We believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to our artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style. 

Our Inspiration


We spend our time among designers, architects and clients who spin off many ideas and whom are very creative. 

Simply put, our inspiration comes from the myriad design possibilities that exist and our desire to create it. wrought iron furniture custom metal furniture